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Return and refund policy

Return and refund policy

1. Transaction cancellation policy:

1.1. Conditions of transaction cancellation:

– Customers can cancel the transaction from the time “Place Order” is pressed until the time of successful receipt of the goods

1.2. Transaction cancellation method:

After a successful order, when you want to cancel the transaction, please:

– Call the switchboard 0906849968 (SMS, Call, Zalo, VIber…) or email to [email protected] or message on fanpage: Queen Mobile to cancel the transaction

– Refuse to receive the goods and confirm the cancellation of the product purchase when the carrier delivers the goods

2. Exchange/return policy:

2.1. Return time:

Product Type Free renewal (*) Rules for re-entry and return
Company machine, new Macbook 30 days(**) – Within 30 days(**) re-enter the device minus 25% fee on current price (or purchase price if purchase price is lower) with set conditions (on product activation).

– After 30 days(**) re-enter the machine at the agreed price

Imported Android device 15 days(**) – Within 15 days(**) re-enter the device and deduct 25% of the current price (or purchase price if the purchase price is lower) with the specified conditions (on product activation).

– After 15 days(**) re-enter the machine at the agreed price

– If there is no machine left to exchange during this time, the customer can change to another product (compensate / subtract the difference) or refund

Imported iPhone/iPad
Old machine, old Macbook
Accessories over 1.000.000 VND 15 days(**) Do not apply
Accessories under VND 1.000.000 12 month Not applicable

(*) There is a manufacturer's fault
(**) Time is calculated from the date of receipt of goods: time T (days), but not more than T+5 (days) compared to the date on the invoice

Outside of the above period, the product is warranted according to the policy: Warranty Policy

2.2. Instructions for returning products:

  • Machine: Like new, no scratches, no decals, no decorations
    Used machine: has the same product condition as when it was new
  • Box: Like new, not dented, torn, broken, written, drawn, wrapped with tape, glue; have the Serial/IMEI on the box that matches the body.
  • Accessories and gifts: Still full of QueenMobile's warranty stamp (not required with screen protectors), the product is not broken, broken, dented, distorted or deformed in appearance
  • Account: The device has been signed out of all accounts such as: iCloud, Google Account, Mi Account ...

2.3. Conditions of exchange - return:

2.3.1. Check return and exchange conditions: Please make sure that the product you request for exchange (return) meets QueenMobile's return and exchange conditions (section 2.2.)

2.3.2. Steps to make exchange - return: Direct exchange at the store: You can bring the product to the nearest QueenMobile stores to make an exchange: Address of QueenMobile store system nationwide Returns via shipping company:

    • Customers bring themselves to units with delivery centers: VNPost / Viettel…
    • QueenMobile creates a return package for the carrier to recover the goods from the customer (applicable to customers in the inner city of Hanoi / HCM)

* QueenMobile is not responsible if the returned goods are damaged due to the carrier's fault.
* QueenMobile is only charged for products that are subject to an exchange or return due to a manufacturer's fault.

2.4. Conditions of transaction cancellation:

QueenMobile will support customers to return products according to the re-entry regulations and not collect any additional costs.
Within 24 hours of receiving returned goods (excluding holidays, Saturdays and Sundays), QueenMobile will refund customers.

  1. For orders that have been paid in cash: QueenMobile conducts a refund by bank transfer within 07 days after receiving the returned product from the Customer (excluding public holidays and weekends; time 07 days is confirmed on the banking system, in some cases, the money will take longer to your account due to the bank's transaction).
  2. For orders that have been paid online (via Zalopay system): QueenMobile performs the refund operation on the Zalopay payment gateway, the money will be refunded to the correct account or credit card that the customer used when making payment. . Time within 14 days (time 14 days is confirmed on the banking system, in some cases the money will take longer to your account due to the bank's transaction).

* Note: QueenMobile will refund the product value paid by the customer, shipping fees (for products that are not free shipping), surcharges, installment conversion fees and additional promotions are non-refundable .

3. Warranty policy:

Customers buying online at QueenMobile.com.vn enjoy the same full warranty policy as customers buying directly at the store.

>> View details of QueenMobile's warranty policy

4. Process of receiving and handling customer complaints:

Complaints Resolution Policy

When a dispute arises, QueenMobile promotes negotiation and mediation between the Parties in order to maintain Customer's trust in QueenMobile's service quality and follow the following steps:
STEP 1: Customers complain about their goods via email: [email protected] or Hotline: 0906849968.
STEP 2: Customer care department will receive Customer's complaints, depending on the nature and extent of the complaint QueenMobile will take specific measures to assist Customer in resolving such dispute.

QueenMobile respects and strictly implements the provisions of the law on protecting the interests of customers (consumers). All acts of fraud and fraud in business are condemned and must be fully responsible before the law.

Any controversy, claim or dispute arising out of or in connection with a transaction at QueenMobile.vn or these Terms and Conditions will be resolved by negotiation, conciliation, arbitration and/or Court under the Consumer Protection Law Chapter 4 on Settlement of disputes between consumers and organizations and individuals trading in goods and services.